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2009 jahre mauerfall

Softrevolution - a trace of the inner causes in peoples' hearts

Autumn 2010 marks the end of celebrating the anniversary of 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. "The Fall of The Wall" as a possible option had hardly been on agenda of anyone, neither in East- nor West Germany. Now 20 years later, the sensation of "the Fall of the Wall" already is history. In the process of reorganizing two countries to form one joint community, a lot of the problems that had presented their challenges could be solved.
What were the inner causes in the hearts of people, eventually leading them to take individual action and achieve such a result? This is the core question of the film project Softrevolution.
Some people from Japan had been so deeply impressed by this peaceful revolution with it's amazing outcome, that it motivated them for a call to donate 10000 cherry trees, which now are adorning Berlin and Brandenburg with their beauty. Memorial stones located at various sites with the cherry trees can testify this effort.
But quite a few Germans are still dealing with "the East and the West" topic. A lot has been achieved, but traces of the wall can still be found in peoples' hearts.
The search for those traces is to give evidence of what a single individual was able to achieve and still can. The project Softrevolution is about this search.
Searching the traces is a quiet, spiritual and individual search. Filming this search meant engaging in dialogues, as only the one to one encounter can reveal the personal motivation.
By building bridges of dialogues the search reveals a political notion, as its concern is the average human being.

Wall-Fall Project - a documentary presented in a film shown in Berlin and Japan

What kind of people lived in the East and West? What were there hopes? What was the historical meaning, of the worldwide moving sensation of the Fall of the Wall, for people all over Germany? What are the visions of people for the future now, facing the current global problems?
The Wall, built in 1961, not only separated the people of one nation, but also made them live two very different lifestyles. To make the wall came down, is due to the power of many individuals and their dedication to a peaceful revolution. Their commitment made it possible. Politics and its executing authorities made the cruel fact happen, but behind the fall of the wall, were the hearts and actions of countless nameless people.
The film Softrevolution is, 20 years after the sensation of 1989 which moved the whole world, pursuing the question: what was the share of the single individual in this historical event and what is it now? What motivated the people - in the time before, with and after the Wall? What motivates them today?
During the 60 minutes film documentary, in celebration of the anniversary of 20 years of "the Fall of the Wall", people talk about their thoughts, their deeds, their impressions and allow us to take part in their personal view on the soft revolution in our country.
The film has been presented in Tokyo and Berlin and provides the opportunity of engaging in the topic, of the building and the Fall of the Wall at first hand today.